Thursday, June 28, 2012

Encore by Eric Canete

This is one of the books that I've been waiting to get my hands on. I missed his kickstarter campaign last year may and have been waiting ever since. He has this deal that if you happen to be the first 13 buying his book in conventions, he'll draw a free ink sketch for you. I was there at the end of Heroes Convention last week and during the auction, one of his piece of painting (snow white if I remember correctly) sold for $3,400 USD. You can visit his blog HERE to purchase his book and he updates it pretty frequently. He'll be at San Diego Comic Con this year July I believe so if you ever get the chance, you might want to consider buying one of his Encore books.

The book consists of mainly black and white ink drawings from 2005 through to 2011. The book is 352 pages thick and contains some color paintings at the back along with a few copic rendering drawings. What is great about this book is the fact that you can still see the underlying pencil drawings in most of the illustrations. The content of his sketches range from marvel and dc super heroes to the likes of beauty and the beast: basically anything that he finds interest in drawing. This book shows great draftsmanship and how illustrations should be: with background drawings, not merely figures.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some Like It Rough by Matteo Scalera

This is the book review for Some Like It Rough by Matteo Scalera. I saw his Kickstarter Campaign last month and message him personally to see if he was going to Heroes Con and indeed he was. He is extremely down to Earth and friendly. He was kind enough to give me a person portfolio review and tips on inking. You can check out his deviantart website HERE for more of his work and also drop him a message if you want to purchase his book. 

Heroes Con and Summer 2012

Hi Guys! Sorry for the extremely long delay~ I had been away for summer vacation and also to Heroes Con at Charlotte. It was really fun and I got to do a few commissions which some of them I'd no picture taken. (a total of 7 in 3 hours throughout the course of 3 days) I was with the SCAD booth and had the opportunity of meeting both past SCAD grad students and artists that I liked. I also did some shopping there. I'll be doing two book reviews soon and keep a look out!

(Also, I finally got myself a tumblr account HERE for sketches. And to be honest, I still really love blogspot though.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

20,000 HITS!!!

Hi guys, thanks for your constant support! Three days ago, this place finally reached 20,000 page views! I've never had such a huge readership since blogging 7 years ago until this new account came along. Hopefully, I'll be able to update as frequent as possible every week. Right now, its summer holiday for me but I'll be working on some neat stuff. Once again, thank you for all your support!