Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black & White Series: Society - Happy Ending

The Black & White Series: Society is a body of illustrations reflecting society behavior that I've observe and recreated to inform, reflect and question our knowledge and existence of what is happening around us. This series is slowly coming along near its quarter mark. The illustrations all have its specific voice and message but I haven't yet explained it in my blog. So since this is the last illustration post for the year, I thought I'll share some light on my work. (Or one work at least)

Happy Ending is my take on education, its involvement in the 21st century. The joy of graduation is short lived. These days, many of us take on great debt while pursuing our education, resulting in an endless payment of student loan once we join the work force. Indeed the graveyard for many.

Friday, December 23, 2011

INSPIRING ARTIST: Anthony aka. Antz

Voila~~ Its Friday again and that time of the week for~~~ INTERVIEW! Today's star is a special guest. Special because I've been following his artistic journey like a fan (in a small way) but yet I do sort of know him? (He is my senior in high school and subsequently went to the same art school as I did.) Anthony Chong, better known as Antz is an URBAN ARTIST with a unique illustrative style. Since his early school days, he has competed in the International World Skill Competition and won Bronze in the graphic design category. These days, apart from commercial work and creating toys, he coaches students for the annual World Skill Competition and is also a frequent mentor at Noise Singapore.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Black & White Series: Society - Muse'um


Hi everyone, it is that time of the week again! This week, I interview PIXAR artist COLIN LEVY! I got to know Colin while (sort of) working on his film, The Secret Number. Since then, we've been bumping into each other at our school's labs late in the nights. Colin is a great guy and he even invited me as guest into Pixar studios recently!!! His journey towards a filmmaker is outstanding. I won't spoil  too much of it for you. Just read on. (^__^)

Within weeks of its released, Sintel, an animated film directed by Colin,
reached 1 million viewship on YOUTUBE.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Hi everyone! Its that time of the week for another interview! YES, you heard it. This week, I'm interviewing Wendy, better known as MASHI on deviantart! Her illustrations are gorgeously beautiful with her iconic curvy and sleek style that brings out the characters she is drawing. But if you indeed compliment her that way, she'll reply you with a humble Singaporean accent saying "No lah... I just draw lor..." Indeed, she is humble about her work because it took her years to reach her current position. I know, because I was there from the very beginning.

Mashi's illustrations are not only beautiful and sexy,
they often have a theme and message behind.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Black & White Series: Society Update

Exactly a year ago, I have a concept of creating a series of Black & White illustrations that reflects the society. Soon, those illustrations went into galleries and I was lucky enough to be able to sell them within three months. It was the first time my illustrations were sold in a public exhibition. From then on, I planned a bigger ambition, " To have my own gallery one day".

I am still doing the illustrations in black and white simply because of my obsession with simplicity, something my idol Steve Jobs adored greatly. A lot of my friends have suggested turning them into color versions but doesn't white contain all the spectrum in color? So today, I thought I'll post one of the many illustrations that I have been secretly hiding.

Hope you like it!


Friday, December 2, 2011


Hi Everyone! This is a new fun series that I'm doing to feature artists that I feel are exceptional and inspiring. I thought that it'll be fun and awesome to interview artists that are successful and motivational allowing me to have a deeper understanding of the industry with their insights. The bottom line is, its always good to learn from others, not to mention, the "others" being great people.

For this week, I thought of many great people and the first most obvious one would be my close friend, Peng Ven, who is one of the art directors at Scrawl Studios Singapore. Their clientele includes Nickelodean, Cartoon Network, YTV, ABC, Discovery, etc.

Even though he is working full time at Scrawl Studios, Peng Ven sketches every now and then.