Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black & White Series: Society - Happy Ending

The Black & White Series: Society is a body of illustrations reflecting society behavior that I've observe and recreated to inform, reflect and question our knowledge and existence of what is happening around us. This series is slowly coming along near its quarter mark. The illustrations all have its specific voice and message but I haven't yet explained it in my blog. So since this is the last illustration post for the year, I thought I'll share some light on my work. (Or one work at least)

Happy Ending is my take on education, its involvement in the 21st century. The joy of graduation is short lived. These days, many of us take on great debt while pursuing our education, resulting in an endless payment of student loan once we join the work force. Indeed the graveyard for many.

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  1. wow, so ingenious! and it's so true about student debt :(