Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Winter Quarter Finals

This is really getting insane as the pressure rise. in two weeks time, we'll be finishing our Winter Quarter and there is still much to do with work piling on top of us.

First off, there's the annual SAS Club Anthology which we need to finish about 8 pages of inked comic, then the Mini Comics for our sequential art introduction class which runs through to the 10th March. Not to forget paintings we need to do for our Life Drawing classes and the insanely hard Survey of Western History Class we're taking this quarter. With that in mind, we still have Student Ambassador duties for SCAD days and also Concept Art work we need to get on track for a film we're working on.... The most important thing is, we need to fix a portfolio up pretty quick because Pixar's internship submission is ending in 1 months time. 

Its going to be an insane two weeks into the finals and this is our new portfolio cover that we came up with. We'll try to update this space as much as we can though. Have a great week ahead everyone!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Portfolio Preparations~~!!

We've finally come to the end of our 6 day comic strip run. This coming weekend will be SCAD's COMIC ART FORUM and we've managed to sign ourselves up for two portfolio reviews; Phil Craven, the storyboard artist for Dreamworks and Kristian Donaldson, creator of graphic novel "99days" from Vertigo!!

Its going to be an extremely busy week for us! Also, we've been ordering a few books online and one of them happened to be from DanSantat! Check out the link below and our new recommendation column to the right of our blog! We'll be recommending great books from Amazon that we personally owned to this current small list. Have fun this week!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Noise Singapore~~~!!!

Where: ION Orchard & Esplanade
WhenThursday, February 17 at 10:00 am until Monday, March 7 at 9:00 pm

Open Mic Concert 
Date: 19/20 Feb &  5/6Mar 2011
Time: 5:00PM – 7:00PM
Venue: Orchard ION, Basement 4

1 month ago we did a commissioned illustration for NoiseSingapore's exhibition display. You can grab our postcard design for free at the above venue. We highly encourage everyone to visit the exhibition which comprises of young talents from Singapore in the field of Art, Photography and Music. Support this community simply by visiting the exhibition and joining the facebook page HERE.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sequential Class Proj 3; Part two

Here's an update to our last project which we blogged HERE. We got to ink one of our classmate's fantastic pencil rough on the script "DEMON" and also managed to take a snapshot of another classmate whom ink our "NINJA" comic. What do you think?

The beautiful pencils roughs 
of our classmate.

Our Finished Ink
(We didn't do the text)

Our class mate inking our ninja strip.

SCAD Scholarship Gala

Last Saturday we were part of a wonderful SCAD event called the SCAD SCHOLARSHIP GALA 2011. Apart from stars like Ms Jay who attended the gala night, there were a number of faculty and members of the public. 

This closed door event saw 200 art works from jewelery to paintings, sculpture, furniture, illustrations and photography pieces created by students, alumni and faculty members. The closed door auctioned gala is a yearly event to raise scholarship funds for the school and we happened to be student volunteers helping in the bidding and mingling with the guests. Here's the pre-event photos of those fabulous works.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sequential Class Proj 3: One Page Pencil Script

Foundation Comic Pages : We thought some of you might be interested in our school's comic program wondering about things like, "How'd they teach you to draw comics?" or "Are you sure you can learn HOW to draw comics?". Well we won't go into the details of the course lessons but we thought you might be interested to see what we do in class?

No? Well there are always other blogs around for you to read. (^__^) So let's go right ahead and look at this simple project. The requirements of our class is to move into drawing actual comic scripts (as seen in our previous posts regarding 88 pages of batman drawings) and we're given more time on this one just because someone else is going to ink our page. (YES, they either screw it up or make it mega amazing and we're hoping its the latter)

The grading will be on three sections, 1) How we interpret a one page script and penciled it in tight rough ready for inking 2) How we ink the text of someone else's page 3) How we ink the artwork on someone else's page. So already, today we've gotten our classmate's page and we'll need to ink her text bubbles and bring it back to class to swap for someone else's artwork to ink. Here's what it looks like to draw in tight roughs and here's the one page script from "Evil" that we drew from, ENJOY. (and no, we didn't even know this comic exists)

"EVIL" script by invisible Kid - Page 17


In an eagle eye view, angled so that it looks like it's in a corner of a ceiling, we see the group of ninja's, all in a circle with there backs to each other. Their swords are drawn, and for a good reason. Surrounding them is the flood like monsters.


We do a profile shot (side shot of the face) on Tobiashi as he speaks, his
face twisted in a sneer.

" What are these things?"


Front face shot of Kensu-yata.

" This place is hell, and these are it's occupants!"


Face shot from ground up of Manewis

" Then we fight like hell!"

Rough Sketch

Final Tight Rough

Actual Scan
(x area indicates pure black)