Saturday, November 27, 2010

New House

As Thanks giving and Black Friday come to an end, so did our house. Well not exactly our house because it didn't belong to us to begin with. We just settled in to a new home which is closer to school and comes at a affordable rent. We finally have our own room and closet and today is the first day that the internet is officially running. There's two senior projects that we're involved in right now and a couple of stuff we need to build for Christmas. Also, the competition for Annobooks is still ongoing and we appreciate all the help we can get from your vote!!

Meanwhile, we're watching a few Korean dramas, trying to get back to shape on schedule at our own illustrations and comic. Its getting cooler and colder here in Savannah and we wish everyone a great holiday this December.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Its The School Holiday~~

*Important Announcement*

Well Well, heres a couple of announcement from us. First off, we'll like to call your attention to this webpage here. Please do sign up and vote for us!! 10 being the best and 1 being lowest. (please don't be mean and vote 1~~) Its a competition that we're in and the voting ends in 1 months time. The top 25 artist will get to be selected into the final round where there's a possibility of getting your work published on the magazine. Which means exposure for us!! Thats the prize so, we really need this and do help us out! [ Just ignore the profile picture for the time bing. (^__^) ]

*Our current rank is 8th in illustration and we need to get in top 25 OVERALL which includes all the rest of the categories.

Secondly, the last day of the quarter was our final assignment where we use color pencil to depict form and shading. This is done over a black piece of drawing paper and its the first time we're expose to such drawing methods, not mentioning the unfamiliarity of color pencils. But it turn out really interesting and got us interested in the medium. Hope you like it. ( It will be up on the school's wall at Wallin Hall over the winter break)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Make A Zoetrope!!

*Update: First off, just like to say that we uploaded the blog and its now enhance in terms of image viewing. So if you'd go on and click on the images it'll now enlarge and float above the blog keeping you in our site.

For the final project, we decided to build a zoetrope! But instead of the traditional zoetrope using only paper and strips, this one is made out of 3D carved wood and sculpey. Its a challenge at making visual 3D elements into 2D animated objects. So if you're keen on building one, here's the walk through. If you want to skip the making you can head right down to the bottom of the post to view the final video.

First off: A test of animation of our character

Setting up our work environment

We use a G-Saw to carve out the character

Each character took about 1 hour to carve out.
They are each around 1 and a half inch thus the hassle.

Here is the clean up process, using sharpie to clean the edges.
Heres a different of before and after cleanup.

There's a total of 15 frames so ya... we literary cut out
15 of them and including cleanup it took around 14 hours.

5 Minute Epoxy for gluing the wooden characters.

Preparing for the gluing.

Here's the Epoxy we use.

The turn-table we build. The base was ordered from Amazon.

The "Screen" is build out of black cupboard.
The slits in-between is the key to the zoetrope illusion.

Octopussies in the making.

The final Octopussies!!

Here's the final product.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Small Works Exhibition

If you have been following us, you'll probably have read this before regarding our group exhibition. The show opened yesterday and will continue on till dec 30th 2010. This is essentially our first group exhibition with other selected SCAD students and faculty. The gallery ranged from all disciplines and its really amazing to see all these inspiring artists' work. We took a few photos of those that really stood out to us and if you'd noticed, most of the selected students were in their M.F.A studies! [Well except us (^_^) ] So its really an honor to be exhibiting alongside these great students.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Graphite Rendering

Wall Display: Viola, its mid week and things are piling up on us. Our assignment on graphite rendering got displayed! The top image didn't come out well on our camera but as you can see on the wall display, the values and tones has much more variation. This assignment was insane because we decided to work on the difference in gray value in general.

Our thought process: If you take a closer look at our drawing, you'll probably notice the unconventional composition and rendering approach we took. First off, as artists we normally follow traditional composition rules like, 1) avoid having items at isolated corners which will distract the audience (we did it on bottom left corner) 2) avoid cropping away items chipping off things ( we did it to the toys on the left and top) But if you step back and take a look at our contemporary approach, the drawing still has a visual balance. That is because we planted a few hidden elements within which holds the drawing together even though we broke those traditional rules in composition. If you take a closer look at the values, there are only 3 main dark "spots" in the drawing which forms an invisible triangulation that ties the drawing to the center. Though our rendering seems light, you are still able to tell a certain depth out of the drawing which is what we wanted to experiment; using light gray values to depict and emote the drawing.

The hardest part in drawing especially in values is to be able to create depth just with gray. Just like in singing, although the chorus of a song normally has the highest pitch but they tend to be the easiest to remember and sing. The hardest and important part in vocal singing actually lies in the verse which tells the story and builds up the chorus. In the case of drawing, it is actually those gray values. We'll probably be working on a series of gray value studies from now on.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 Months in the States

Hi folks, its been 2 months and we've settled down quite nicely in our nest. Unable to let go of our previous job, we have been collecting every single receipt we got so we can have a better idea how much we're spending.

If you're a student out there who has decided to come to US to pursue an education, it might be worth while to read on. If however you're not, its also worth your time to go through these stuff and think about how you're spending your money away. Financial Planning REALLY is important in life. So here goes:

Days in Savannah: 62 $ in USD
Groceries to date: $185.14
Art Supplies: $358.74
Textbook: $73.53
Food- 22 days of Subway $117.70
- 20 days of Chinese food $90
- Starbucks $135
Prepaid Phone $130
Transport- 2nd hand Bike $68.84
2mths Rent $509.79
Sub total $1,668.74
21inch Monitor $159.99
Intuos 4 Wacom Tablet(med) $313.17
head phone $30
Books from Amazon $80
Furnitures $147.50
Total $2399.40
Average Per day Spendings: $38.70

As you guys can see, it seems pretty scary to be spending 2 grand in 2 months as a student. What we eat everyday is either subway (which costs $5.30 after tax for footlong that makes up our lunch and dinner) or chinese food. ($4.50 per meals which we eat half for lunch and dinner) For breakfast we usually eat bread or skip meals altogether. As you can probably see, besides starbucks we don't have much of an entertainment. (Its a top up card that still has at least $80 bucks of value so its not really accurate to say we drink that much) If you look at what is essentially important ie; groceries, art supplies, daily meals, textbook, rent, transport and furnitures it already adds up to $1,551.24 for 2 months. So if you intend to come to school and party, you'll probably be looking at spending around 2 - 3 grand PER month.

Because we used to be financial planners (we think we still are), we know these figures can really go big if you don't watch yourself and track daily. This is a fair accurate figure for 2 months of expenditure and because we just settled in, its slightly higher. We're really lucky because our friendly housemates let us have their spare bed, table, chair and even mirror. ( they are really our angels in life right now and without them, we'll probably be in the streets) We would say the first settle in will probably costs almost $500 to $2,500 on furniture if you don't have any help. Our ideal scenario is to cap at $650 monthly (Yes it is tough because the rent takes up almost half). Lastly, if you're working in the society, we highly recommend you sit down with a financial agent and look through the variety of financial products out there if you haven't. Even if you think you know these stuff, its always good to hear more and get a different perspective. (^__^) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Small Works" Exhibition @ Gustien Gallery, Savannah

Open Waters

The Great Dive


First Ever " Commercial Exhibition: Hi folks, firstly we'll like to say this post was suppose to be made yesterday but we really crash out due to the huge amount of work we're handling. So what's happening is we were actually selected to exhibit in SCAD's Gustien Gallery from 12th Nov till 30th Dec 2010. It is our first "commercial" exhibition in the sense that we're actually really selling our artwork instead of just showing them for gallery purposes. We're just really excited to be able to showcase our stuff since we're barely two months here. We actually did a series of black and white illustrations theme: Black and White: SOCIETY. We're in the process of doing a whole bunch more of these and essentially they are our observations of the society interpreted in a variety of ways. The official reception is on 12th Nov 2010 6pm - 7.30pm and if you happen to be around do pop by to say hi to us. (well it'll be me instead since we both exist in one body in the real world.)