Monday, November 22, 2010

Its The School Holiday~~

*Important Announcement*

Well Well, heres a couple of announcement from us. First off, we'll like to call your attention to this webpage here. Please do sign up and vote for us!! 10 being the best and 1 being lowest. (please don't be mean and vote 1~~) Its a competition that we're in and the voting ends in 1 months time. The top 25 artist will get to be selected into the final round where there's a possibility of getting your work published on the magazine. Which means exposure for us!! Thats the prize so, we really need this and do help us out! [ Just ignore the profile picture for the time bing. (^__^) ]

*Our current rank is 8th in illustration and we need to get in top 25 OVERALL which includes all the rest of the categories.

Secondly, the last day of the quarter was our final assignment where we use color pencil to depict form and shading. This is done over a black piece of drawing paper and its the first time we're expose to such drawing methods, not mentioning the unfamiliarity of color pencils. But it turn out really interesting and got us interested in the medium. Hope you like it. ( It will be up on the school's wall at Wallin Hall over the winter break)


  1. I just voted, so good luck with the competition :D and your colour pencil drawing looks amazing! I wish I could see it in more detail, lol

  2. thank YOU!!!! I need the vote SOOooo much