Thursday, October 4, 2012

Freelancing - Gutters 351

Two days ago I did a freelance gig with This all happened because I met Rich Young, one of the editors in Gutters awhile back in Baltimore Comic Con. This is the third time I've been contacted as the first two scripts didn't work out for both parties due to schedules. It is extremely interesting and stressful because the turn around time was slightly more than a day. ( I receive the email 2pm on Monday and had to turn it in 7pm the following day) 

The funny thing about this gig was that I'm in the middle of doing projects for Microsoft and Mattel and something was due the following day. I dunno what struck me to do it but it was a combination of these reasons. (1) I free bad about rejecting the script again. (2) Its a great way to push and see what I can do under such extreme deadlines. (3) I've never really done mainstream comics before. 

Now with those 3 reasons, I agreed to do the job but regretted my approach. Firstly, I challenged the script and drew something different at first knowing it might not go through. Secondly, I decided to inked it traditionally. Thirdly, I didn't do the final page in my usual art style. It was a fun learning experience and definitely, I've enjoyed drawing it. The entire process from digital sketches to revisions, tight pencils and inks took 7 hours. I didn't do the colors and lettering which look awesome. (I think the colorist and letterer bail me out) Here's the ink to the comic.

The final comic. I only did the inks.

 When I got the script, I wanted to change the actors into kids (sketch on left)
in line with the second panel which is suppose to be a school bus. I did
the sketches in photoshop.

The blue pencils were done on 11 by 17 bristol and inked over.
Here's the final scanned inks.

When I finished the page, I send over my reference images in hope that the colorist will have an easier job because his/her turn around time was 4 hours.