Friday, January 28, 2011

Life Drawing 1: Skeleton Study Trilogy

Alright, let's admit it this is going insane. This trilogy of improving and enhancing an artwork is not just tedious but sucking out life away, slowly but surly. We're really not sure if we DID enhance the overall drawing but oh well, this is probably the FINAL revision.

If you don't know about the story, you should check part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE. Enough said, let's move on from drawing the dead.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is Enough? Where do we draw the line between black and white?

A Great Critique: With our last post on Skull studies, we had a great critique today by our Professor. He mentioned a couple of important points for enhancing the image. At times it seems never ending and hard to grasp, at times his demands sounds very unreasonable and too much. BUT if we don't keep demanding a high standard from ourselves, how do we then improve as an artist, as a person? We couldn't thank him more on the pressure and standard he place on us.

When do we say stop in life?: With that said, we've been having this demand on ourselves for years and recently, we probably put too much weight on the backpacks. (Don't we all do that in life? Ok, maybe a lot of us don't...) Not just in art, many a times we find it important to uphold a standard in life, be it towards friends, family and even relationships.

This standards range from actions and duties we feel necessary and important and improving our quality of treating those around us has always been of importance; it makes us treasure what we truly have and not regret what we have not done should something drastic happens. Just like in the case of drawing, we can always say we've done enough on it, that the painting is beautiful enough, the illustration is detailed and aesthetic enough. Of course we should be content and grateful in our lives, but then again, where is that bar set on? what is enough?

What we want to achieve in life is far greater than saying enough. Having had the opportunity to live this life is not just about having enough, its about living the best in every moment and getting the most out of it; even if it cost you pain, sadness and even torture. For it is the experience of truly giving your last sweat that gives one the gratification and certification to say, " At least I gave everything I had." Sure, life is tiring that way, to constantly improve and push yourself. Sure, life is tough that way and all the more lonely for which road to success is easily achieved? It is almost always a lonely path, at times quiet, at times full of despair and most times painful. Some will argue that, " what if I gave my best shot and in the end I achieve nothing at all?"

That's not the point, the point is have you gave your best shot? If you have given your best shot in life and nothing happened, then start evaluating it again. Till then, I encourage everyone to try and die once while living, try to push the boundaries and limit.

If not now, then when?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Drawing 1: Skeleton Study Revision

Remember our post HERE , well apparently our Prof thinks we didn't capture a good dynamic pose and we use too much rendering in the drawing. Because its line study, the primary focus should be line variation. Thus we went back and redo the drawing and added one more pose for his assignment.

Its always tough to let go of ones own work and start something all over again. But oh well, its always good to draw more. =) Tell us what you prefer?


Our first Sequential Class saw us doing a 88 page comic strip with 3 sets of 22 pages sketch and another set of 22 tight roughs. The attached image is our second assignment that we just handed it which revolves around a 3 X 3 Pantomime exercise; comics without speeches. Well we have done Pantomime comics previously but it has always been unsuccessful. We just got a class critique for this and did the changes, hopefully its understandable.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life Drawing 1

Back To School: We're back to school and this winter quarter we will be studying comic and life drawing coupled with some ancient art history. Jam packed with homework and student ambassador duties, we've been having some down time on blogging. But fear not, we still remember about this space. ( Though not entirely sure whoever is still out there viewing!!) Nevertheless, here's our new assignment for the new year.

Line Wok with Charcoal.

Added rendering
(Chiaroscuro study)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Time Flies

Hi everyone, here's a little update on our lives. We're official student ambassador of the school and we just manage to finish a freelance post card for Noise Singapore ! We still can't post the stuff online but we really hope to share the illustration with you! School life has been very pack and we're going through our first rounds of assignment. Will post them up soon and once again, sorry for the lack of updates!

(we're working on our schedule to update more frequent! Just bare with us.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 is finally here and we hope everyone is ready to move forward to a better greater year. We just had a wonderful sweet December holiday filled with unforgettable memories. The next few months ahead will be tough times for us with freelance, projects, school work and many many more. We're working on a new illustration and hopefully we can finish it in 2 weeks time and post it up for sharing.