Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Drawing 1: Skeleton Study Revision

Remember our post HERE , well apparently our Prof thinks we didn't capture a good dynamic pose and we use too much rendering in the drawing. Because its line study, the primary focus should be line variation. Thus we went back and redo the drawing and added one more pose for his assignment.

Its always tough to let go of ones own work and start something all over again. But oh well, its always good to draw more. =) Tell us what you prefer?


  1. the old drawings looked good, and these new ones look good too :p though I'd say the newer poses are a bit more intriguing and engaging, it's like the skeleton has a personality... well, at least that's what I get :D

  2. Thank you! Ya but I still need to work on it though. Hahahah its the never ending story.