Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Make A Zoetrope!!

*Update: First off, just like to say that we uploaded the blog and its now enhance in terms of image viewing. So if you'd go on and click on the images it'll now enlarge and float above the blog keeping you in our site.

For the final project, we decided to build a zoetrope! But instead of the traditional zoetrope using only paper and strips, this one is made out of 3D carved wood and sculpey. Its a challenge at making visual 3D elements into 2D animated objects. So if you're keen on building one, here's the walk through. If you want to skip the making you can head right down to the bottom of the post to view the final video.

First off: A test of animation of our character

Setting up our work environment

We use a G-Saw to carve out the character

Each character took about 1 hour to carve out.
They are each around 1 and a half inch thus the hassle.

Here is the clean up process, using sharpie to clean the edges.
Heres a different of before and after cleanup.

There's a total of 15 frames so ya... we literary cut out
15 of them and including cleanup it took around 14 hours.

5 Minute Epoxy for gluing the wooden characters.

Preparing for the gluing.

Here's the Epoxy we use.

The turn-table we build. The base was ordered from Amazon.

The "Screen" is build out of black cupboard.
The slits in-between is the key to the zoetrope illusion.

Octopussies in the making.

The final Octopussies!!

Here's the final product.


  1. nice work! I can't believe you spent an hour cutting out each piece, that's crazy! lol.