Saturday, November 13, 2010

Small Works Exhibition

If you have been following us, you'll probably have read this before regarding our group exhibition. The show opened yesterday and will continue on till dec 30th 2010. This is essentially our first group exhibition with other selected SCAD students and faculty. The gallery ranged from all disciplines and its really amazing to see all these inspiring artists' work. We took a few photos of those that really stood out to us and if you'd noticed, most of the selected students were in their M.F.A studies! [Well except us (^_^) ] So its really an honor to be exhibiting alongside these great students.

We also got a taste of how a real gallery function as we stood at the entrance spying all these people walking in and asking for catalog. Some of the audience will go through the artwork and head back to the reception to look at the price list and purchase them upfront! Its a real experience especially when you see some stranger walking over staring at your work, tilting their face upfront to figure out the details. Then they shake their head and walk away. LOLx. Well it happened to someone else, not us. But we're pretty sure it'll happen to us too.

Our three illustration place right at the corner

Close Up!!

Nicky Soh
(SCAD B.F.A Sequential Art)
No, we're not illustration candidate. we're in SEQUENTIAL ART BABY. !@#$%#!

WOOOHHOOOOOOOOO What better way than to take a photo with your own work.

Kelsey Garrity
(SCAD M.F.A Illustration 2010)

Kristie Duncan
(SCAD M.F.A Fibers)

Angel Chiriboga
(SCAD M.F.A Photography)

Eduardo Ortiz
(SCAD M.F.A Painting)


  1. I'm back! lol XD Cool stuff you have up, congrats on being part of the exhibtion :D

  2. Thank You! Nice to have you here too!