Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Small Works" Exhibition @ Gustien Gallery, Savannah

Open Waters

The Great Dive


First Ever " Commercial Exhibition: Hi folks, firstly we'll like to say this post was suppose to be made yesterday but we really crash out due to the huge amount of work we're handling. So what's happening is we were actually selected to exhibit in SCAD's Gustien Gallery from 12th Nov till 30th Dec 2010. It is our first "commercial" exhibition in the sense that we're actually really selling our artwork instead of just showing them for gallery purposes. We're just really excited to be able to showcase our stuff since we're barely two months here. We actually did a series of black and white illustrations theme: Black and White: SOCIETY. We're in the process of doing a whole bunch more of these and essentially they are our observations of the society interpreted in a variety of ways. The official reception is on 12th Nov 2010 6pm - 7.30pm and if you happen to be around do pop by to say hi to us. (well it'll be me instead since we both exist in one body in the real world.)

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