Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Winter Quarter Finals

This is really getting insane as the pressure rise. in two weeks time, we'll be finishing our Winter Quarter and there is still much to do with work piling on top of us.

First off, there's the annual SAS Club Anthology which we need to finish about 8 pages of inked comic, then the Mini Comics for our sequential art introduction class which runs through to the 10th March. Not to forget paintings we need to do for our Life Drawing classes and the insanely hard Survey of Western History Class we're taking this quarter. With that in mind, we still have Student Ambassador duties for SCAD days and also Concept Art work we need to get on track for a film we're working on.... The most important thing is, we need to fix a portfolio up pretty quick because Pixar's internship submission is ending in 1 months time. 

Its going to be an insane two weeks into the finals and this is our new portfolio cover that we came up with. We'll try to update this space as much as we can though. Have a great week ahead everyone!!


  1. woah.... just reading all the things you have to do made my head hurt, lol. Your new cover looks good, the little details could keep me busy for hours XD and good luck with the internship submission :D