Friday, December 9, 2011


My collection of Art Books is growing bigger and bigger! In my attempt to promote education, (as seen from my interviews) I'm going to do book reviews!! Yes, BOOK REVIEWS! I will allow you a free glimpse and taste of the book along with my artistic comment of the product. Of course, the review is base solely on my own opinions. But if you like what I'm doing and in fact wants to consider buying the book, please click on the bottom link.


This hardcover book is a collection of Sterling Hundley's artwork. Although the book is labelled until page 129, it is actually 184 pages in total. It is also interesting that the book is actually printed in Singapore. (where I originally come from!)

The book showcases his acrylic paintings with a taste of fine art combined with modern taste. That is also, the concept of the book, Blue collar; representing the commerce and function side of art while White collar: representing the mystery and sophistication of fine art. If you haven't seen the art of this award winning illustrator, this is a great book to pick up. There isn't much writing but the book does have a few of his sketches attached within. The book also shows some of his thoughts towards creating illustrations, how he attempts to push a message and story within a picture without making the image abstract and destroying the beauty of the final product. Highly recommended.

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