Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello & Welcome

Thank you for taking your time stopping by here. This blog is yet one of our many creative attempt to address our views and thoughts towards art. We found it very important to document everything right now during this particular moment of our lives as we're learning the art of Story Creation. Currently as students, we feel the tremendous need to question and create. As we try to observe, understand and investigate Earth daily, we seek to find that "special" formula which will work for us in creating our work, in perfecting our story creation skills.

With our peculiar taste and philosophy, we believe that there is no bad or rotten story in this world. There is only poor articulation, representation or understanding of a story because we believe its not what you say that matters, its always how you say it. The end product doesn't necessarily leads to a wonderful message or beautiful high-end visual effects. It might just be that meaningless but compelling experience you get out of the film or book. Follow us on our journey and quest as we share what we feels necessary important in developing that wisdom and hopefully in time to come, share our wonderful work in this space.

Viola, here's the new start to our era in art, Sequential Art.

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