Friday, December 17, 2010

Child's Play Update

An update to our post here, we have move on to our second painting of the series with a screen shot of our progress and a update of the previous painting. Not exactly happy with the first one but guess it can't be helped because we're experimenting a new painting style and hopefully we'll be able to settle on a unique one that will represent our work well. Hope you like them.

#we've changed our avatar!!

Daddy Go Round

Puppeteer painting in progress


  1. ooohhh, the Daddy Go Round looks magnificent and glorious! the little swirls really make everything look merrier, lol. This series looks really interesting so far. oh, and cool avatar change :) by the way, can I ask what the last avatar was? it sorta looked like a mouse, but not really....

  2. oh, they are all rabbits. The last one and this. =)

  3. ah, I see :D though now I forgot how the old one looked ^^'