Friday, December 3, 2010

Projects and Projects and Projects

Hi everyone, the holidays will be coming to an end for us soon as we daze off into korean drama and movies daily. With 2 weeks of slow progress in work we've decided to buck up and move forward starting... NOW. Why the rush and sudden change you asked? Well, if you follow this link HERE to dantat's blog site you'll understand why. We really should be working hard right now during our youth and not taking things easy. (^__^) With that said, here's a slight glimpse of the short film we're currently working on.

Sketch of city scape.

building variations

Concept sketch 1

Concept Sketch 2

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  1. nice sketches! I the concept sketches quite a bit, they give off an interesting aura of mystery and intrigue :) can I ask what this film is about?

    and yeah, it's so true what you're saying about working hard in your youth, it really is the best time to do anything, lol. I've been working on a calendar project this past month, and it's finally done, I can't wait to upload it :D I'll let you know when I do, I'm pretty sleepy now, so probably tomorrow :D