Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break and Book Review: Modern Masters - Jeff Smith

Modern Masters Volume 25: Jeff Smith

LEGENDARY COMIC BOOK ARTIST JEFF SMITH : If you're unfamiliar with Jeff Smith, the one man shop who created the famous "Bone" Graphic Novel, then you should order the trade paperback at amazon immediately. There's a few reasons you should do that, 1) its one of the first few self-published indie graphic novel (although some would argue it was in monthly comics format but it was always intended to be a single story) 2) It has cartoony characters combined with human and dragon drawings. 3) The story is mega fantasy epic coupled with humor and a fair amount of dark tale. 4) It is an easy read and suits all ages 5) It is now in its 20th anniversary winning numerous awards and is basically a sell out.

A REAL MODERN MASTER : The reason we're drawing you to this artist is because of his success and also taking this opportunity to introduce to you a amazingly incredible story that you've been missing out if you'd never read it. Just a couple of weeks ago, the MODERN MASTERS had him interviewed in a 120 page book on their 25th volume. Obviously we bought a copy of it and impressive as it is, the interview talks about his career success, transition from comic strip to animator and then to self-published comic artist. The book also talk about his creative process and decision makings in certain part of the "Bone" stories, his influences in the industry, his publishing and marketing approaches. All in all, very worth the money; more so if you're an aspired comic artist.

SPRING BREAK : Meanwhile, we're still working on our portfolio for internship submission and "Space Man Hero" re-write. Also taking a little break and holiday for the moment till school starts at March 28th.