Thursday, April 7, 2011

Efficient and Simplified Anatomy and Skeleton Studies

Drawing for Sequential Art : Its been two weeks since we started our Spring Classes and they are extremely intense and demanding. One of them requires a high level of technical skills and it is our drawing class for Sequential Art. Within 2 weeks, we were able to draw the upper body skeleton and anatomy muscles pretty accurate at most angles without any reference. 

The majority of the work comes from self discipline and our professor's strong knowledge of the human anatomy. (Coupled with his crazy skills to draw almost any angle of the human in skeleton and muscle form without reference.) During the start of the class, the professor told us that one of the professors who is teaching this course requires the students to memorize the names of the skeletons and muscles. Guess what? It was his class and his reasoning is simple. 

Professor: If you guys are a professional basketball player and you were to go to a match and the coach were to tell you things like "rebound", 3 - 2 formation, one on one, pick and roll. Won't it be weird not to know those terms even though you knew how to shoot or bounce the basketball?

We really haven't thought of that and from today on we'll be drawing skeletons and muscles into our sketches. Why didn't we learn these stuff earlier? 
Here's a quick video in photoshop of our 2 week training.


  1. wow... nice skills! i like what your professor said because it's so true. are you gonna put up any more drawing videos? this one was very fun to watch :D it makes me want to re-learn anatomy so I can know what I'm drawing, lol

  2. i'll try to post more if i have time

  3. when did you do this? It is nice. Muacks

  4. I did this when you were sleeping tight baby.