Thursday, May 5, 2011

Even if you're correct, you don't win

We just went pass the halfway mark in Spring Quarter and yesterday, we had just found out one of the most important lessons in life; Even if you're correct, you don't always win. The story came about during yesterday's review where the students were required to draw the Simpsons on model in 4 views, 3/4 front, side, front and back. We went over to buy the Simpsons handbook and studied them intensively; like how Bart would have 7 spikey hair, Lisa had ten, how the Simpsons would all look like nipples eye during front view, the proportion of the head size and everything. We dare say we're almost 90-95% on accurate with the models.

However, during class time when we had a review and pin up all our drawings, we got very little vote. In fact, someone else got a good marginal vote (who eventually voted for us and we didn't bother voting for anyone) ahead of us. We dare say we can challenge anyone in class regarding the proportions and accuracy on how to draw anyone of the Simpsons family (excluding the baby) because we had taken a real hard time knocking out these drawings. Its easy to tell who did research and who didn't. (and a vast majority of our classmates didn't) So in the end, we didn't win and its sad; sad because 1) these were art students voting, they voted for drawings that were greatly OFF model by figure head count, eye positions, body to leg proportions. 2) It shows that most of the student had no idea what the actual ON MODEL Simpsons looked like on all these positions. 3) The F**king world is unfair (and of course we know it) 4) If the students weren't even ready or keen on doing on model figures then how else would they expect to get jobs in the industry? It is one thing not being able to draw ACCURATELY to a production work, but it is a F**KING serious problem not to be able to see WHO DREW CORRECTLY.

On a more positive note, it meant we had LESS COMPETITION. But we're really happy with our work [ We know it doesn't seemed like since we had spoken F**K twice and had caps our dialog but its all for drama (^__^) ]  Anyhow, next week we are selected to have a portfolio review with Cartoon Network's character designer, Dave Johnson (the guy design Ben 10's character) and Legendary Comics editor in chief, Bob Schreck !! (One of the legends in the industry)

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  1. surprising to hear your drawings didn't get a good vote since they look really accurate from what I remember of the Simpsons. now i can only wonder what the other students' drawings were like