Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Mike Wieringo Scholarship

We're really fortunate, after 2 months of waiting, our school SCAD finally announced the current scholarship winners on the SCAD website. Surprisingly, we have been fans of Mike Wieringo's comic work, especially his dynamic pencil figure drawings. To be able to receive his scholarship is phenomenal for us.  The scholarship was set up in memory of him and his work can still be found here.  


  1. Hi Desert Rabbit! This is abigaitor (abigail) again.. Unfortunately i did not receive the MES scholarship, but thankfully SCAD has offered me the Honors Scholarship..

    Can I ask if college housing is cheaper than staying outside the campus?
    Also, How long did enrollment take for you? (I don't think I can make it for the Fall enrollment...)

    thank you! see you soon!

  2. Hi Abigail, the enrollment and application process in SCAD is very efficient. As long as you settle your COF document, paid your application fee and provided the necessary documents, you should be able to begin school in Fall which is September 11-13 I believe. You should have an international administrator staff following your case and if you have any questions, they'll probably be able to answer all your quieries. Congratulations on your Honors Scholarship with SCAD! :)