Sunday, May 15, 2011

Portfolio Reviews: What To Expect

SCAD Editors Day : Today we had our portfolio reviewed by the industry powerhouse; Dave Johnson, Character Designer,Cartoon Network, character designer for Ben 10, Bob Schreck, Editor-in-Chief, Legendary Comics who founded Oni Press and had an Eisner for editing Daytripper and finally Calista Brill, Editor from First Second Book which is one of our favorite publisher. 

This is our second time having our portfolio reviewed by professionals thanks to SCAD's arrangement and somehow, we still couldn't quite make out what to expect. Perhaps in the first place, we shouldn't expect anything because its a review, and not a job interview. So here's a few things that we told ourselves after these two occasions and its all from our personal experience and for your reading leisure.

01) Do not expect to get a gig or job out of a portfolio review.
02) When your reviewer says your work is good, it is out of courtesy, not a compliment.
03) Don't ask weird questions, just listen out for things you should improve.
04) If you're showing sequential portfolio, always lay them out in page sequence
05) If you're showing sequential portfolio, Have both originals and the reduced reprints.
06) If you're showing sequential portfolio, make sure the comics have bubble placement.
07) Have a central focused theme in your portfolio.
08) Your artwork should show confident, every line drawn or inked must have a reason.
09) Most artist over render their artwork, you only need 7 bricks to show an entire wall.
10) Smile during your review.

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