Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy Busy and Busy

Happy Halloween everyone! This week is a huge disaster jammed packed with stuff I cannot show. First off, I'm working on the Disney 2012 Imagination competition with 3 other SCAD students and its been great. Our idea has so much potential and right now I'm at the pre-design phase churning out tonnes of concept. The deadline is 18th November so that's 2 more weeks to go. 

Secondly, I just did a free sketch for a publishing company for testing. This is for a children book cover and I haven't heard anything from them yet. Hopefully this goes well. It should, because I did the sketch in one day and it looks really awesome. (lolx)

Thirdly, I'm going to draw storyboards for an independent film. Its free service again but the cool thing is the Film will be going for Sundance! (Not to mention the director is really focus and easy to work with) I took the job because of the theme behind the story and hopefully when its done, I get to preview it. 

Fourthly, I'm setting up shop for a new Anthology book out next year. I miss out on the opportunity last year and this year I'm definitely gonna put something up and try to get into the book. (Because everyone else in the anthology is such a kick ass) 

Also, while all these crazy things are ongoing, there is still school which ends November 17. And on November 18th, I'm flying off to Massiveblack's conference at San Francisco. Their schedule is up and if anyone else is interested in the trip, let us know! (It'll be great because I have two other friends tagging along. It will BLOW YOUR MIND!!) (or I will, literally)

And last but not least, this is the 100th POST for our BLOG!!!!!


  1. Thats good to hear. busy on meaningful events like these. Hope all of them go well as planned.
    jia you! Hope to hear from you after your massive black trip.

  2. Yar I will update you! When I get back to Sg next time need to go your house to pass you TONNES of stuff

  3. wow! you are two busy little rabbits, lol. Good luck with all your current projects and competition :D Let me know the title of the film so maybe I can catch it whenever it comes out. And congrats on your 100th post :D