Thursday, February 2, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: 2007 Sketch Collection by Kim Jung-Gi

This is the book review of Kim Jung-Gi's 2007 Sketchbook Collection. If you haven't checked out my review of his 2011 Sketchbook Collection, you should! Compared to the 686 page 2011 hard cover sketch book, the old sketch book has more pages ( a stunning 1000 with 6 to 7 blank page). First printed in July 15th 2007, this sketch book is much smaller compared to his recent one. I bought the reprint of the 2007 sketch book recently and I believe this is the first reprint. (Even though inside the cover, it says that this is the third print, there doesn't seemed to be a date or mention of a second print) If you want to buy a copy of this gorgeous reprint before it runs out too, head to this TAOBAO  website which is authorized by Kim Jung-Gi to buy it. The book costs around $30USD. (The shipping can costs up to $60USD)

*This book contains lots of mature content as seen from the cover. Grab it while stocks lasts.

Enough said, now let's look at the book.

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