Sunday, February 5, 2012

SCAD Scholarship Gala 2012

Last year during this time, I volunteered for SCAD's annual Scholarship Gala helping out the auctions in the one day gallery where numerous gorgeous works were on display. This year, I have the opportunity to participate in the gallery and actually manage to get two of my works in! 

If you don't know, SCAD's Scholarship Gala is an annual one day exhibition where faculty staff and selected students donate their artworks for auction. The money collected from the event goes a long way, funding the scholarships of numerous students in SCAD every year, making their education possible. This single event has helped many hardworking, passionate and needy student including me! That is why this year, I insist on submitting two artwork (I was told to only send in one, but my love moved the administrator. LOLX) to show my appreciation to SCAD and also help out more needy students. The Gala starts in the evening with a preview show where buyers can walk around and start "hunting". During the preview show, there is an option call "BUY IT NOW" where you can secure the artwork right away so you don't have to worry about a particular piece of artwork being bid too high when the actual show starts.

When I came in half an hour later, my work was already sold. GOSH, 
I need to find the buyer and thank him/her for helping out SCAD's students!

When I walk into the Gala, one of my friends told me that within 10 minutes of the show, a buyer immediately snatch our piece "DADDY GO ROUND" with the "BUY IT NOW" option. When I found out that its been sold, I was totally stunned and shocked!

*Note. Both paintings were sold out in the event.

Another one of my work, "Rain Drops" was up for auction. 
I left before the show ended so hopefully someone did grab it!!!

This year, The GALA is huge and awesome because it is hosted at SCAD's own museum! (Yes, that's right, my school has a museum that houses lots of great artwork from fame artist throughout the world!) My friend Jessie also sold her painting too! I'm really honored to have exhibited with all these great artist. I had a personal favorite which is Lisa May William's Oil Painting Three Graces. Wish I had the money to buy that piece!

Jessie and her beautiful painting. Check out her stuff HERE.

Doesn't the show look awesome?!

You can still see some of the artwork online at SCAD's website.

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