Tuesday, April 10, 2012

9 by 12 Inking obsessions.

My new quarter resolution as of late is to improve my inking abilities in the traditional sense. This is one hella great exercise where you use a Crowquill or traditional Brush to do a series of ink drawings. In our practice, we illustrate 7 different drawings: 1 still life, 1 portrait, 1 exterior of a building, 1 figure in an interesting dress,  1 animal, 1household object and 1 imaginary character. Here are my blue pencil sketches before the actual inks.


  1. Cool! I'm interested in seeing how they'll look when you ink them :)

  2. haha, they look decent only I think. I'll be posting them soon. Need to scan these.

  3. lol, if you think so, I'm sure the inked versions will look more spectacular :)