Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rejections in life

I've recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by PIXAR for an internship this Summer as a Storyboard Artist. As time slowly fade away, I know now that the opportunity is gone and that I'll need to work harder than ever. Most artist tend to blog about such posts only when they become famous, sharing their experience and pain. I've decided to become controversial and share my epic pain NOW. lolx.

So for me, I've decided to share this short episode of failure before I even become famous or successful. (which I might never become) In case you're wondering if I'm in a state of negative/pessimistic mode, I'm not. That was last month. I've manage to overcome and recover because its not the first time I've been rejected from Pixar. You see last year, I did the same submission and I never got an interview. This year I was upgraded. Who knows, maybe next year I'll get my final chance and hear that phone call which I need to. But apart from that, I've also had 20+++ rejections this past year from Dreamworks, BlueSky, Blizzard + many other smaller companies. So naturally, I've gotten used to it and if I'd been hired, I'll be much much more surprised.

But today however, I wanted to share something closer to my heart. Its the art of blind faith and thick skin. I've emailed companies which are not hiring and even called them up. Even though all these crazy actions of mine have yet to won me any internship, I got the opportunity to talk to people, like Pixar (which is really awesome, they have been so nice, too nice I should say and have given me so much advise on my work) and work on other projects. I think the idea is to keep going and keep working and soon enough, someone will knock on your door and say, " oh yeah, I remember seeing your work somewhere before". My goal for next year is to simply flood the entire industry with my work and foot print. Maybe some day, they'll start emailing me for a change.

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