Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Studio

This past weekend, I've done nothing but manual labor. I've moved to another apartment and it has caused 2 days of work purely on my own bedroom. Luckily, I have two friends coming over to help pack the house and right now I'm left with 40% more to go.

So here's a look at my new "studio" which I am EXTREMELY Happy. I've ditched lots of unwanted stuff and packed whatever I need. In these two years, I've accumulated lots of unnecessary stuff: stationary from friends who left school, food that my mum insist on mailing me, tonnes of sketchbooks filled with lousy drawings, crazy stacks of paper with my sketches that doesn't make any sense, etc.

I'm glad I took the opportunity to move to a new place. Its like starting afresh and I've decorated my walls with some of my own artworks and those that I've been inspired. Now that I'm slightly settled in, its time to WORK!!!

I've significantly increased my desktop space with just two fold-able tables. They are extremely heavy but durable. My idea of the room is to be as "Minimalism" as possible.

Another view of my working desk.

My Okami wardrobe! They are packed to the inch. Unlike my girlfriend, I don't have a wide range of clothing so packing the wardrobe was really easy. If I'm given a choice, I'll choose my idol, Steve Job's simple wardrobe style in the future: Just black/white long sleeve shirts.

The other end of my room is simply my floor bed, wooden cabinet and drafting table. I couldn't take a better angle of the entire room but you can tell that I have a lot of room space. (^__^)


  1. Nice studio space Nicky! Quick question, is your studio space in the same room as your bed? Just wondering?

  2. Hey Jon! Thank You. Yeah my studio space is actually my room. My room is around 13 by 16 feet. Pretty large I guess and everything is packed to the corner so that makes it even larger.