Saturday, August 11, 2012

Best Kickstarter Project I've Ever Backed: Zombicide

I've backed close to 20 projects on Kickstarter and till date, less than 20% of those successful projects have actually fulfilled their promise in delivering the actual product. As a Kickstarter Creator and Backer, I fully understand how important quality and deadlines are.

Zombicide is one of those top quality projects that I'm glad I was able to participate in. I backed up the Abomination package (the most expensive projects that I have pledged) and receive my copy today, 1 month earlier than the estimated deliver. Here's me un-boxing the board game and you can view the gameplay video HERE.

When I get to the content of the package, I was super excited and
stunned by the quality of the package.

The character game cards are so gorgeous in vivid colors.

The maps are really sturdy and high quality.

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