Saturday, August 4, 2012

Liberty Meadows Tribute Part 2

Here's an update to the illustration that I'm working on. I rework a huge part of the drawing in blue pencil. This is the first time I'll be inking on such a huge format. (22 by 30 inch) It will probably take a few days work but definitely, it'll be lots of fun. Here's some image of the work in progress.

final blue pencil drawing before inking. 

01. I took the sketch that I did in photoshop and
 printed the entire drawing onto 8 pieces of 11 by 17 paper.

02. I then stitch them together with my 11 by 17 light box.

03. Using my 11 by 17 inch light box, I slowly trace
part of the illustration onto the actual 22 by 30 inch BFK paper.

04. Here's a close up of the new changes I made for the illustration.

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