Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Updates + SKETCHES!

Hey everyone, decided to do some blogging and sketching today! Summer finally ended and I manage to get some breathing room. The workload was pretty insane and challenging yet fulfilling in a great great way. I met many talented game designers while working on a confidential game project for MICROSOFT STUDIOS. (How I wish I could show the cool stuff we did!!!) I was the Art Director and lead concept artist on the project, hopefully in the near future I'll get another opportunity to work with these awesome talented guys again. A big shout out to, Jack Mamais, our project director and a personal mentor/ father figure to me who worked on games like Far Cry, Crysis and Mechwarrior 2. You can image the tonnes of stuff I've learn from him. 

MOVING FORWARD: I've got a couple of projects going on in Fall which I can't talk about right now. I haven't decided to do all of them because what I wish to accomplish in Fall is to work on my Travel comic and kick start it on Kickstarter. The other cool thing I want to mention (Yet again) is the fact that I'm an invited guest at Baltimore Comic Con and I'll be there doing Con sketches and selling prints. This is "officially" my first time tabling in conventions and my main goal is to get to KNOW YOU! Yes, if you're going Baltimore and you are a comic reader, I'll just like to know you as a person and chat with you. You don't really have to buy anything in my booth or get a sketch if you don't want to. Hopefully we'll make a good connection. So See you in Baltimore!!! Also my awesome buddy, Eryk, will be there. Here's an article about us going Baltimore Comic Con. A million thanks to Matt Wieringo, this is only possible because of THE MIKE WIERINGO SCHOLARSHIP. Without them, Baltimore would not have been possible.

Here's sketches for the day!

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