Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3D Study: Lines, Planes, Mass & Volume

Studying of Lines, Planes, Mass & Volume in 3D Design: Our latest journey in the study of 3D Design got some good grades and result that we're pretty satisfied with. (19.5 out of 20) For this project, the requirement is to create a piece of work that includes the four mentioned properties. Of course to meet the basic requirements, we just need to put together a long strain of wire, a hollow cylinder and a square block and the 3 items would contain those four elements. That would just give us a barely D grade. This project is to test a student's understanding and ability to create a unified work that contains all these elements while making it exciting.

Our Thought Process and Approach: During the research phase of our work, we were both inspired by traditional Japanese Paper Lanterns. Through developing the design, we wanted to take some of the elements beyond conventional interpretation; such as that of volume seen in our final product which is actually created in the negative space contained by triangular wooden blocks. We use long wooden blocks to create the exterior structure which incorporated line as a design element. The contained space as mentioned previously creates an imaginary volume. Mass is identified by the multiple wooden square blocks floating within and of course with mass, planes would be present. The fishing wires that are holding these wooden blocks ain't that visible in reality and the illusion is created by having the transparent wires running through the square blocks. (If you look closely, you'll be able to see the marks cut off from the wooden blocks) It took a lot of time to cut out and stick the pieces together from the wires to the wooden base holding the triangular "frame".

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