Saturday, October 16, 2010

Asia Comic Studio Contest

This comic was created during June 2010 for Asian's Comic Studio Competition. We submitted this in the "Future Short" Category. The theme was "Adventure" and thus we selected a short adventure base on the trial software "Comic Studio 4.0 EX" which we use to create our work. (Using the software was a requirement) We were lucky enough to win the 3rd prize of this contest competing against regional artists from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia and of course Singapore. We happen to chance and read it again after organizing our portfolio as school's mid-term came to an end. It reminded us how badly we wanted to do story creation and all the things we went through to get ourselves here in Savannah.

Planning ahead: We're currently planning two short comics to be completed for competition and portfolio sake. There's also a picture book that we've started painting. Though our schedules are packed with homework due back to back, we're still avidly drawing comics. We have also been selected to showcase our illustrations in two separate exhibitions at the end of the year and we're planning for a few series of illustrations hoping for more gallery shows ahead. Do drop us a note if you know of any call for entries. (^__^)

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