Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drawing Light and Space

This is the continuation to the previous value study. However, the drawing is done over a period of 1 week in the hours between 11am-1pm. This still life observation of landscape drawing force us to work our drawing into an "ideal" possible scenario. Due to the fact that its impossible to sit at the exact horizon line drawing the subject in between days, we had to get the basic shapes and values out during our first draft. Although the lighting might differ during the days, our general observation shows that the values of the subject will have an overall similar balance to it. The hardest part is getting the lightest shade of grey onto the piece of BFK paper. We managed to get a darker value of black in this drawing by using Rembrandt's soft pastel. Once drawn, the pastel sticks very well on the paper. This is our last exercise for charcoal and we'll be moving on to graphites and watercolor pencils.

*Update: We decided to post a second drawing of the same place that we drew.

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