Friday, October 22, 2010

Drawing Form with Chiaroscuro

Walls of Wallin Hall: This was our first assignment studying form with Chiaroscuro. We had a series of animal bones hanging on the studio wall and using techniques like Triangulation, Non-Parallelism, Site measuring and the six zone system of Chiaroscuro, we had to create form using charcoal. The drawing is about 18X24 and a lot of the studying has to do with balancing negative and positive space while maintaining an interesting composition.

An interesting discussion: We are extremely proud of this particular piece of work because during class critique, there were a fair share of students who thought that the composition was off balance; their reasoning is that the dark values on the right side of our drawing is too overwhelming compare to the emptiness on the left. That argument left us giggling in class because, isn't white space a form of color and balance to that extreme dark on the right? And we did left pockets of emptiness at strategic areas to balance out that extreme didn't we? Well fortunate for us, there were students who thought our work was perfectly balance without our explaination, and so did the professor for our class. The only issue now is, the drawings is being displayed on our foundation drawing hall and it was badly managed. ( you can see a faint cross line between the drawing and dirt and hand prints over the piece despite us having a piece of transparent paper attached as cover) Anyway, we're pretty lucky and happy that we got to exhibit this among other talents on the walls of Wallin Hall. In case you're wondering, its a rib-cage that we're drawing.

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