Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Class Exercise: ICE CREAM GIRL

This is another one of our in class assignment, it is an extremely easy and fun comic exercise where you start off with 20 panels of comic strip on post-sticks, then cut them down to 10 panels and eventually 5. The story is about 1) a young girl sees and ice-cream vendor, 2) Girl buys ice-cream from vendor 3) Girl accidentally drops ice-cream on floor 4) girl looks around 5) girl scoops up ice-cream.

We decided to do a wacky version of the story with weird looking anatomy, amateurish drawing style. Here's what we came up with.

Original 20 Strips

Trim down 10 Strips

Crazy 5 Strip!!


  1. lol, lol, lol! Lovely idea, I think it's so funny how you have her head tilted which is why the ice cream fell in the first place XD I also really liked how in the 20 strip version, the ice cream guy asks her if she's gonna pay up, and then if she's gonna pick it up, it was so funny :D

  2. Yar... I think mine was the most illogical ones in class. The rest of the students had better stories!!