Sunday, March 6, 2011

Space Man Hero Graphic Novel

Finals Finals Finals!! - As you guys can see, we've been busy sketching away our final project for this quarter. The last assignment is a Mini Comic that we need to create with at least 8 pages. The content within is entirely up to the creator. Currently at 7 pages of thumbnails, we think our final inked pages will be around 10 to 12.

Space Man Hero - For this last assignment, we're using a comic idea we have been writing for 6 months called , "Space Man Hero" which is about Spaceman, Monkeys, Aliens, Cosmic Crystals, the Milky Way and all sorts of various crazy stuff. 

Since the beginning of this project, the end product has always been visualized as a Graphic Novel of around 50 pages. Since we had the opportunity to do a final project, we thought we might as well do a shrink down version of our story and see how it'd work. That way we can easily expand it back to the original story later on. So here we are, busy sketching out the story. Check them out below and remember to click on them for a  larger pop up image!!

Back to the drawing board!!


  1. nice work so far :) when you finish it will you post it up?

  2. Probably only a few pages.... Cos I'm submitting this for competition. heehee