Saturday, January 7, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: 2011 Sketch Collection by Kim Jung-Gi

This is the MUST HAVE in Sketchbook 2011. Kim Jung-Gi is a Korean comic artist. He has previously released a sketch book in 2007 titled: 2007 Sketch Collection. This 686 page hard cover book cost $60 USD for the regular version and there are two covers, A and B to choose from. The content is the same. The version I bought is the limited edition cover (only 100 copies in the world and all sold out) with each one different. Mine is book number 011. Be careful when you try to purchase it online, there are a few websites that sells dubious copy. Head to this TAOBAO  website which is authorized by Kim Jung-Gi to sell his books internationally. (The shipping can costs up to $60USD)

*This book contains lots of mature content as seen from the cover. The artist also just released a reprint version of the 2007 sketch book. Grab it while stocks lasts.

2011 SKETCH COLLECTION by Kim Jung-Gi: This sketch book contains 5 years worth of sketches by Kim Jung-Gi. His understanding of 1) anatomy, 2) vehicles, 3) environments and 4) animals are phenomenal. Even though he is a comic artist, when you flip through the sketch pages, you'll notice that he can draw the human figure in almost any position with great detail and line work from muscles, to bone structures and curves. Just watch the video I've put up and be BLOWN away. MUST HAVE!


  1. lol, I like how you point to him in video. Thanks for sharing all your artbook/book reviews, I'm not much of a reader, but maybe one day something will catch my eye :) Keep up the awesome work :D

  2. I heard this guy is kind of a "savant" means he has photographic memory.

    Do you guys know something about him?
    That would explain a lot.

    Kim is probably the best comic artist ever! I don´t know sb who can draw freely almost everything with amazing detail! And only his 2 sketchbooks are enough drawings for a lifetime...

    This is just sick man! I wish I could buy his books but it´s a little bit expensive for my taste in terms of shipping etc.

  3. Hi, Kim Jung Gi might have a photographic memory. No one I know of can tell for sure and most of his articles are in Korean. Besides being a comic artist, he teaches drawing in a local Korean school. That is what I've heard. So 10 years of nonstop drawing will probably get you the kick ass skill he has. Most of it is really clocking in the hours and due diligent in practicing. There's another Chinese artist call Zhang Lu who does portrait painting without reference. I highly recommend his work too.