Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Black & White Series: Society - Fireflies + Updates!!

Hi everyone! I have been incredibly busy in the first two weeks of school! Here's an update of our life!!! 

Crazy January : I have been working as Storyboard Artist on an independent film which is scheduled for release in 2013 next year for the past 2 months. I'm getting close to finishing the boards but unfortunately, I can't show you guys anything. One thing I can mention is, the editor on our film is the assistant editor on the movie, HUGO. I am also taking the Society illustration project into the next step and printing them on high quality Canvas. (16 by 20 inch) They look really awesome. (and crazily expensive) This quarter, I need to produce two short comic for our Sequential classes and I can't wait to show you the thumbnails and sketches. There's lots of experiment going on in these two comic in terms of story, art direction and Technic!!! I also have a Great interview of an awesome illustrator lineup for you next week! Not to mention, more Book Reviews! And also, be prepared to see more stuff from the Society project in the coming weeks!!!

*On a side note, I've got a new great used car! (^__^)*


Getting the illustrations into expensive Canvas Print. 16 by 20 inch.


  1. cool! looking forward to seeing what this film will be about :D the canvas print really does look good. How much did it cost to print? I might want to consider that in the future. and congrats on your new used car :D

  2. They are pretty expensive and can costs up to $100++ for a 16 by 20 inch size. That doesn't include shipping.

  3. wow, they are pretty expensive :/ thanks for the info!