Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Scary Girl by Nathan Jurevicius

Today I'm reviewing a comic/illustration book. This picture book has been out for awhile, published in 2009. There is an online flash game that you can play HERE. Square Enix is also developing a console game version set for 2012 release.

Scary Girl by Nathan Jurevicius: At 128 pages, this mime comic contains sketches and vinyl toy designs created by Nathan Jurevicius. The illustrations are colorful and gorgeous with great acting. The author/artist replace word balloons (speech bubbles as some of you folks prefer to call it) with icons and symbols. The visual narration is easy to follow and this book tells the story of a little girl, searching for her identity in a bizarre world. The book doesn't have an ending and it doesn't seemed like the author is planning a book 2. Nevertheless, it is a great book for collection.

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  1. cool, this reminds me of your comic series "If You Seek Amy" :D

  2. Ya!! but this is way better hahahah

  3. aww, no way, your series is really good too :D