Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As most of you guys know, our KickStarter Project has reached its initial goal. Much hyped has gone down as I've predicted but the initial success was really a steep climb beyond what most of us can imagined. We've put up a new challenge of $6000 and if we reach that goal, we'll be able to make a better quality book and add in more pages. An idea that I'm starting to doubt and feel bad that I might have lead my team down the wrong path and make them all look bad.

ALL FOR PASSION - I spoke to a few friends and some of them said that I should have planned this goal higher. Now it just seemed like we're trying to scam everyone in putting more money. First of all, I'd like to thank all the current pledges for their great help and secondly, we're NOT asking our current pledges to add more money. It is just an announcement that SHOULD WE CROSS $6000, all those money will go back to the book making it better, more pages and higher quality all AT THE SAME PLEDGE. WE DON'T POCKET ANYTHING out of all this. I was even hoping we can cross over a higher goal so that every backer gets a hard copy book. And that is expensive, there is tax, shipping and lots of misc stuff including intangible costs like bad copies from the printing company, potential lost copies to our backers when we start shipping. These are things that can't be seen. 

BEHIND THE SCENES - For those unfamiliar with KickStarter, you can't just go in and change the goal as and when you like it. There are a few comic anthologies in the past (and also currently) that set high goals and fall way short not even reaching the halfway mark of the goal. There is really no hard and easy way or magic number around this. This is our first project and we just want to make a good anthology, great drawings and high quality. I did lots of homework, think about every aspect of the project and work with my great committee to plan all of this. Hopefully our friends and family understand what we're truly trying to achieve. In time to come, when our supporters receive the book, they'll know how much sweat and pain we put into it. 

KEEPING IT ALIVE - For the past two days I've been going around clubs pitching our KickStarter idea and getting people to try to know us. Tonight was yet another attempt to get exposure and get people to know about GAME OVER. This will go on for the remaining 26 days and I truly hope we reach our final $10,000 goal. Because me and my team  wants to put a great comic anthology in your hands.

On the other hand, my personal work has really suffered and I think I need to get my shit back together and find time to work this all out. Once the KickStarter Drive finishes, I'll put up a post on what I've learn and  how you too, can create a kickstarter project. Thanks for reading.

My recent illustration for New York Times. 
Never got selected but I've learn a great deal about illustration from this.

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  1. congrats on reaching your Kickstarter goal :D Sorry I missed out on this one :( but I'll be sure to keep up to date for future projects you might have. And nice illustration :)