Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skottie Young, Ben Caldwell & ME !

Ok, I know the title seems misleading like I'm doing some special project with those two great artist. HAHHAHA ....... well no........ but I did get to meet this two awesome artist and talk to them in person. I also took my blue pencil and threaten Ben Caldwell to draw a sketch for me!!! LOLx Anyway, this two great awesome guys came to SCAD and did a portfolio review. They both gave me great tips and shared their industry experience. One of the things that Skottie Young said kept me thinking: " It is easy to get into the industry, the issue is, how do you keep going making sure you get work." He also talked about his story, how he got into Marvel. The interesting thing is, the mindset he was in back then and the idea of getting connected with people is something that I truly believe in. And to see the fact that your idol walk through that same path gives me a huge confident boost. 

On the other hand, our Kickstarter campaign is still going strong!!! Thanks for spreading the word everyone! I'll be at a panel this Friday at SCAD with my team and a Kickstarter representative talking about (You guess) Kickstarter. I've received many messages and emails about Kickstarter from strangers and friends and it seems like more and more people around me are beginning to notice the advantage and possibilities of the Kickstarter community. Which is a great thing and I always encourage my friends to use the platform because in time to come as all things good, will mellow down. 

Ben Caldwell's Sketch!!! Thanks to my Buddy Chi 
for offering his sketchbook paper!!!

I finally bought a Lightbox, 12 by 18 inch for tracing purposes.

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