Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back To Google SketchUp

Last Year about this time, I was very much into Perspective and Background drawings. I have a HUGE (and I really mean huge) amount of love for Background. That was the first time I got introduced to Google Sketchup. I did some Props Design HERE. So today, I thought I'll go back and do a simple Sketchup Study/refresher by creating a simple temple model. So here I am!


  1. Dude, very nice stuff! You need to teach me. I can navigate SU and use it for backgrounds here and there, but I can't build in it. I taught myself how to use blender (like a free, slimmed down Maya) for the same thing and I love it, but I should learn SU.

  2. Wow, you know how to use Blender? That's crazy. I never seen any of those stuff on your blog. Maybe one day we can meet up and swap techniques and you can teach me Blender!