Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inking Techniques (With Progress)

Hi guys, so my journey down the inking road is still on going and I've decided to take work in progress shots as I was finishing this one up. For this illustration, I work slightly different, I had a few different photo reference to make up the whole illustration and I wanted to do a kind of fish-eye "look". 

As some of you guys know, normally I'll sketch out my base with the Col-erase Blue pencil but this time round, I decided to test my hands and go straight into the finished work while piecing the reference together. As you can see in the illustration, I also left out the spot blacks as I go along drawing. Every time when I need to dip my brush into the black inks to "refill", instead of brushing away the inks onto a piece of paper to get it to the "right" amount of ink for a fine line work, (as seen on the piece of scratch paper in some of the pictures) I brush them off in the spot blacks now. So then I save up my inks! Hope you like it!!!

Work in Progress
Finished Ink done in Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Water Colour Brushes 2.0.
11 by 17 Bristol Board Vellum 300 Series.

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  1. woah, so you just inked without a sketch? :O it looks really good! :D