Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alicia's Dreams + Editor's Day Review

Hi people! I'm slowly wrapping my head on the story and plot for Alicia's Dreams and am working on the sample pages. Last week on my blog, I've mentioned about going to SCAD's Editor's Day. See HERE. I eventually got to meet Mark Doyle from Vertigo who is the editor for American Vampire! Also Traci from Viz Media, Sana Amanat from Marvel! (intelligent, cool and hot editor!) and also my favorite publishing house, First Second's Calista Brill! 

I had various different comments on my portfolio and they gave me so much advice and encouragement! The editors were very friendly and helpful! I couldn't contain my excitement for my own new graphic novel that I'm working on and told Calista about it! She was very encouraging! Hopefully I'll have a chance to work with her in the future. (Maybe publish this on Kickstarter and pay her for editing fees~~ who knows.)

Next week is finals and after that, I'll finally have a short break in Summer where I'll visit HerosCon and San Diego Comic Con. If you happen to go to any of those two, let me know!

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