Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hi everyone! After numerous scripting and coding, I've finally been able to add both the Tumblr Share button and Facebook like button to my blog. 

On a side note, I've actually been using blogspot about 7 years now (I have multiple blog sites throughout the years that I stop using) and have experimented with Tumblr (my old technology site) and Wordpress throughout the years. As the amount of blogging website increases with new functions and tools, I think it is important for both new and old bloggers to know the advantage of the various blogging platforms. The reason why I still stick to blogspot is because 1) They are constantly upgrading and integrating the newer tools to their platform. (like the new dynamic view which pretty much replicate and copies Tumblr's interface) 2) Blogger is really simple to use and allows you to track statistics like traffic, audience, page view, etc. 3) You can actually go hardcore and edit + customize your blog with coding (provided you know how to do it and it only works in normal template, not the newer Dynamic Views) 4) You can add Adsense and start earning money with Ads in your blogs. 5) Your posted image has 'lightbox' integrated which allows viewers to enlarge your image while staying on the blog itself. 6) Blogspot has been here since the beginning of blogging. 7) It is seamlessly integrated with your Google account.

I am definitely bias on my preference (which is obviously why I prefer to use blogger) but it does have its own flaws which I am willing to live with. (for now) I also do think that wordpress has the most customization on blogging (provided if you pay for it) but personally, I find it hard to use because I'm not a javascript + coding expert. Thus if I have to rate the platforms in terms of customization, Wordpress and Blogger would be number 1 and Tumblr number 2. In terms of sharing and getting traffic, I would say Tumblr stands in the first spot (base on its ease to repost someone else's posts) and Wordpress and Blogger are in a tie at 2. Base on how fun it is to blog, I would say Tumblr stands in first again (in Tumblr you have the function to control what type of posts like text, video or quote that you want to post) with Wordpress and Blogger in a tie. Base on overall blogging capability and its ease to use, I would say Blogger comes in number 1, Tumblr at 2 and Wordpress at 3.

And again, this is just a PERSONAL OPINION. (Don't flame me.) I don't think Blogger is perfect but it works for me. I believe they are working on a new upgrade for their Dynamic Views option and hopefully, that will attract me to change my blog layout.

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