Sunday, May 20, 2012

Massive Swerve No.4 by Robert Valley

I got Robert Valley's book 2 weeks ago and I was reluctant to do a book review. Mainly because I have mixed feelings about the book. There are two disappointing factors for me personally. Firstly, I pre-order the book before the release only to find that he would put the entire story (in the form of animation) online at his blog. Most self publish artist would put their comic free first and then go on to publish the book which the supporters supported base on their willingness. In Robert Valley's case, its the other way round where I pre-ordered, didn't even get my book yet and all the content is up online for free and guess what, it is better and in animation. Maybe he did mentioned that he was going to put the book online eventually and I didn't read it on his web.  My bad then.

Secondly, I have Massive Swerve 1 and it was a compilation of short finished stories. Book 4 is about one story (great story I think) but it is unfinished. Again, maybe he did mention that on his web but I didn't read it. My bad two.

But that aside, the artwork is over the top, his perspective drawing and style is unique and one of a kind. His black placement and positive/negative space usage is great. The story is interesting, the action sequence are energetic. The book costs $37USD including shipping and it is in full color, hard cover. (international costs up to $49.95) If you order from other website, it is cheaper. I've posted my own review and the animation below. Enjoy it.

You can buy the book HERE.

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