Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meeting Editors + Graphic Novel in DA making!!!

I can't believe its been a year since I last met Ms Calista Brill from FIRST SECOND. I was a new blood and it was like a dream come true mainly because I'm a huge fan of First Second. ( I bought lots of their books including Zahra's Paradise, KoKo be Good, Three Shadows, Anya's Ghost, Americus, etc) Last year this time, she gave me some neat advice and now that I'm here a year later, I'm not even sure if I'd improved enough to show her my stuff. But anyhow, this year in SCAD's Editor's Day, I'm helping out as an assistant in the portfolio review instead of being reviewed and hopefully I'll be able to sneak in my work and talk to her again. I just think First Second is one of the better publishers for indie comics in the industry right now. (this is solely base on my own experience and judgement after reading what they have publish)

Well secondly, I've always wanted to start my own personal graphic novel project (well at least that was the idea when I first enrolled in SCAD's Sequential Art program) which is sorta like those HUGE HUGE mega epic story that spans beyond my current 12 page comics. During the start of this quarter I started drawing this little girl HERE which I eventually called her Alicia. (don't ask me why) And I've been doodling her for awhile  where a story came out of a sudden. So I started to do a few more sketches (See below) to see if 1) its fun 2) it looks decent enough. Then a title came out this morning and the story starts flowing. Hopefully for the first and last time, I'll be able to get this to work. Its called "Alicia's Dream"

So what is this story about? Its a crazy idea about Alicia trying to save her dog Milo. Yes, a simple but fun and exciting story that hopefully, I'll be able to finish it and show you guys something more than a few sketches. Speaking about graphic novel and comics, I've gotten my foot into Image's Liquid City 3 Anthology which is headed by Sonny Liew. (^__^)

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