Thursday, July 19, 2012

Post SDCC 2012

Hey everyone! I just came back from San Diego Comic Con 2012 last week and has been tied up at work! Sorry for not posting any update as my workload has been piling (significantly) up to the point where I had to stay in the hotel during one of the Comic Con days to work. I am so fired up to work from my SDCC trip and the experience is just overwhelming! This trip has been extremely fruitful and radically different from what I've heard by artists/friends: The fact that SDCC has become a convention for movies and film. (which I think isn't totally true)

First off, I met a few great people one of them being Jason Caffoe, (who remembers me!) a SCAD Alumni and current lead production artist for Kazu Kibuishi which some of you might know is my idol that I've been a fan of since a decade ago. (Yes, right where he started his first comic strip "Copper") Unfortunately, Kazu was sick and couldn't make it to the con. Jason was too kind and gave me a portfolio review. Seeing how much a true geek fan I am, he gave me an uncorrected proof copy of AMULET 5!!! IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD and since I'd already ordered my copy via Amazon, I can't wait to see the actual colored version! You can pre-order Amulet HERE. Highly recommended! I've posted reviews of Book 4 before HERE which also includes an interview of Kazu talking about story.

 Jason Caffoe and me with the Amulet 5 proof copy! SWEET!

I also met Tom Richmond who is a MAD Magazine artist and got a sketch from him! He came to SCAD this year and I've gotten the opportunity to talk to him. So meeting him again was fun!

Tom Richmond  drawing me a sketch. I requested for a cupid drawing.

I also went over to Sean Galloway's booth (better known as CHEEKS) to show my geekness! He too gave me a portfolio review full of encouraging words. I bought 2 prints for him which comes along with a FREE TOY! MUAHAHAHA

Me and Sean Galloway. He is HUGEEEEeee

A lot of SCAD students/alumni was at San Diego too and we hung out for a beer session. It was really fun meeting all the gang and I had lots of great convention tips from great friend Phillip Sevy who taught me about what to do during the conventions. Check out his work! I also met a few Alumni whose works just blew me away.

 The Sequential Art Department Gathering at SDCC.

There were also lots of panels at SDCC but the unfortunate thing is that you have to que up for almost an hour to get into them. But its well worth the wait because some of the panels had really good content.

The Blizzard Panel which was mainly about products with no trailers.

I wasn't prepared for any portfolio review but I had my iPad with me and decided to join in the fun. As usual, I had different kind of responses towards my work ranging from extreme positive to negative. I'm glad I went for the reviews which gave me an opportunity to talk to Oni Press that might lead to possible follow-ups. Crossing my fingers and toes~~~~ 

There was a guy in cos-play that came for portfolio review and 
reacted like a madman to each of the editor's comment. 

And finally, tonnes of free swag from shirts to posters to comics and bags~!!! Some of the stuff require queuing and trying out games while others were up to grab. 

My SDCC treasures~!!

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